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Party ideas?

I couldn't figure out which forum this would be appropriate in, so here it is. I'm planning a party for my daughter's first birthday & when I asked which she would prefer of her two favorite things (My Little Pony or Star Trek,) my little captain went with Star Trek. I've figured out food, decorations, and just to make it a little more fun it'll be the day she gets promoted to admiral (I know, super lame, but it'll be fun.) What I'm needing help with is possible goodie bags for all 9 people that are being invited; since only one is actually a fan, I've found toy laser guns, little plastic aliens, and candy, but I was hoping to find either some really cheap buttons or badges or something to put on the bags since we'll pretty much be the only ones that even know what the uniforms look like. Well, the invitation does specify a dress code of the appropriate colors because I based it off of an invitation for a promotion ceremony/celebration thing for a Naval officer.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, except the suggestion of changing the theme. I've found tons of glow in the dark stars and things that light up for decorations, I've put together a Starfleet tablecloth, and for food I've come up with gagh (noodles, beef & deer meat with a tomato sauce & tons of food coloring,) I've been working on dying cornish game hens green like the chicken from one of the TOS episodes (I think it was something like Helen of Troius, but the spelling could be wrong,) and of course my daughter's favorite: tacos. I can't decide if I want to dye the tacos weird colors or not, but I'm enjoying all the practice. I've concocted black holes, Romulan ale & Klingon bloodwine without any alcohol, and I found an appropriately decorated cake.

I guess to sum up what I really need help with, I need to figure out some type of game, where (if anywhere) I can get badges in lots of at least 10 for cheap, and what all would be good in a fairly cheap goodie bag for people to take as a thank you present. As obsessive as this is, I have until April to plan, I'm just really terrible at figuring out anything children like...aside from my child who shares my love of scifi & tacos.
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