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The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

This is a thread I wanted to start so we could share stories and pictures of the pet dogs in our life both past and present. Please feel free to share any personal stories and photographs of the dogs you and your family have owned during the course of your life.

What kind of personal emotional impact has owning a dog had on your life? How many do you own and what breeds are they? Do you prefer puppies or grown adults? So forth and so on....let's just talk about the happiness that our loving furry friends bring into our respective lives and the extra meaning that they give to our existence.

I haven't uploaded any photographs of my childhood dog Barnaby but plan to do so soon. She (yes, she....I know she had a male name but that was a result of my insistence that we name her after a character from the Disney Channel's Dumbo's Circus and I didn't care if he wasn't a girl) was a mixed breed that was my buddy from roughly my tenth birthday until a few months after my father's passing in late 1998. She lived roughly fifteen years and was one of the great loves of my family, bringing so much happiness to me as a boy with her sweet, tender and friendly nature and eagerness to play. Having to put her to sleep because of a worsening illness and having it happen just a few months after my dad died was a horrible blow and I can still recall crying like a baby the day she left us.

My current dog, K.J. the beagle, is like my child. I'm unmarried with no kids so she's like a kid to me, and her exceptional intelligence and sweetness never cease to bring a smile from everybody who encounters her. Raising her from a tiny, stumbling and awkward little puppy has been such an adventure in so many ways and I love coming home to find her jumping on my legs and lap for attention and affection. She's my little girl and in the wake of my mom's death she was a much-needed injection of happiness into my life at a time I sorely needed to smile.

The floor is yours, guys. Go hog wild with the pictures, videos and silly stories for all I care, but let's make sure we have fun!
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