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Re: Potato Pie -> Herb Bread?

I stopped ordering them online because every single order, and I did about 7 had mistakes. Mistakes were..

Getting someone else's groceries.

Not getting, often numerous, items I ordered.

Dog food instead of Cat food.

Absolutely bizarre substitutes like what you mention above.

A huge headache always having to call them (it was either Coles or Woolworths) with EVERY order. If I had someone else's groceries they expected me to be home so they could come pick the stuff up.

But the worst thing was when a delivery guy just WALKED INTO MY HOUSE and started unpacking the groceries and putting them in my fridge!

Anyway they then hugely upped the delivery fee and I gave up.

The online site was great, very functional. But clearly the people at the warehouse were idiots.

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