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When I had tests done, the range printed on the sheet was <126. Since then, it's been lowered to <99. Personally, I think it's Big Pharm wanting money for meds. I don't understand this stuff as well. Always hated life sciences. I just want Hubby to take care of himself.

So, as someone well-familiar with diabetes, need he/I be worried?
According to the instruction booklet that came with my blood sugar meter, a normal range for fasting glucose level (no food for the previous 8 hours) is 75-105 (American system). I take Actos (Pioglitazone) for my type 2 diabetes and check my blood sugar about 3 times a week. Usually it's in the high 80s/low 90s, right where it should be.

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My rant today is against junk mail. The ones I hate the most are the letters from the AARP (I AM TWENTY NINE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!), and the ones that look like legal notices or late payment notice or whatever and give me panic attacks until I open them only to discover that they are fucking advertisements made to look like scary shit!
I keep getting those fake bills, too, but I never open them (far too risky - they might easily be virus-infested. I have a look at the header, check if I know the sender and if I don't, it's spam.
I'm quite sure thestrangequark was talking about physical mail, not email.

Yeah, I hate the way advertisers try to trick you into opening their junk mail by making it look like a legal document or government notice. If I receive an official-looking manila envelope with important-sounding but meaningless quotes from postal regulations printed on it, I know it's just an ad.
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