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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Are they the Venkeys in disguise?

Utter madness, if anything sacking McCleish isn't the worst of it, I still don't quite understand why they sacked O'Driscoll given Forest weren't doing too bad under him. I guess there's always this need for instant success, but hard to think of many managers who've proven an instant success and got a team up at first time of asking...well aside from Jim Smith and Billy Davis with Derby of course

I think Ambramovitch has to take some of the blame, for constantly sacking managers yet getting success at the same time (although you have to wonder whether Chelsea might be even more succesful with some managerial stability).

I guess the worst case scenario for Forest would be if Al Hasawi does make himself manager? Clearly if he doens't they'll be looking for a puppet of some kind, so Forest fans' dreams of Billy returning would seem unlikely, I suspect Billy would engineer his departure quicker than even McCleish did!

I sometimes wish Derby had more ambitious owners than we do, but at times like this I'm sincerely glad we're run the way we're run.
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