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Re: Would you prefer a 4 day week?

When I first saw that article on the BBC my first though (just readi the title of it) was Great, four day week, 32 or so hours fantastic.

But no, it was just five days work compressed into 4...which is ok I guess, I can't see many people actually being up for only working 32 hours given the commensuratedrop in salary that'd probably go along with it, but I'd love to do that. Then again I guess eventually you'd get used to it and dream of a three day week. I guess you get used to whatever you work. Not so long ago that the six day week was the norm.

I have a friend who does the 4 on 4 off thing, and she loves it because she gets such a long run of days off together. From my perspeective though she's one of the friends I don't see enough because she never seems to be off when we're doing anything, and given her shft is 9-9 she doesn't especially feel like going out immediately after work.
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