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Re: (SPOILERS!) About the SuperBowl Trailer...

Well, Kirk asking who Harrison is has thrown the Gary Mitchell debate out of the airlock.

Interesting shots but still too much of a teaser. Was hoping a full one for the Super Bowl.

Love the damaged enterprise, can't beat battle damage and stricken. I don't mind the new Enterprise, I was negative in 2008 but its grown on me, still don't love like the TOS Enterprise or TMP-TUC enterprise. But I like it.

Interesting to see where the Enterprise is falling to. Maybe volcano damage or Harrison opened a can of phaser power with his 'acquired' ship(s) (may have a rumour wrong) on the Enterprise and all but shot it to frell until it had no power to sustain orbit.

Still love the homage to the TMP delta badge on what appears to be dress uniforms.
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