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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Just reached T5 in Romulan reputation - hurrah! (I'm a little slower than most because I don't get time to play every day.)

Then I looked at the T5 Purple Romulan and Reman space sets... 750 marks per PIECE?! Bloody hell, that'd take me months to grind...

Oh well - I have my Romulan experimental set, Jem'Hadar set and Vesta set equipped. This lot sure packs a punch - never have I blasted through stuff so fast in a science ship...
Just a quick tip, the fastest way to earn romulan marks is to evolve and sell elder eppohs. Each is worth 400 marks and all it requires is spending 5 minutes everyday for 9-10 days.
OK, so I just tried the tagging mission for the first time. I can get nine Eppohs tagged in ninety seconds (at a stretch), giving me one tag per day. This means I need 4 days to get 1 research, 5 research per pup, so we're already looking at 20 days. Then four days to rise through the ranks, but while I'm doing that I can start on the next one.

Four hundred marks every 20 days... and that's assuming I have time to play every day...

Nope, I think I'll stick to my 60-mark-a-day Nequencia run.
Really, 9 days is the longest it should take to get and elder eppoh. If you get crits on eppoh research, it can take as quick as 4 days to get an elder eppoh.

As mentioned by Timelord, always tag eppohs in a group of 3 or more. That way, you'll always be able to tag 40 eppohs and get 4 eppoh tags every day, allowing you to get enough research for a baby eppoh in just 5 days instead of 20 days.
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