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Re: Effects updates you'd like to see for TNG-remastered.

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I agree, but I think it's highly unlikely they will use anything other than the original footage of the Bozeman.
You may be right, but it would be nice.

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I would too, if only to see what model they used for it. I'm betting it was the Erstwhile. Of course, for this one scene they could create a new ship, one that would actually look like a Starfleet vessel, based on its class designation in the Encyclopedia.
Come to think of it, was the Arcos a Starfleet vessel or just a Federation vessel? The Encyclopedia may have made some speculation on that.

In retrospect, it might've been interesting to see some more non-Starfleet Federation ships now and then (like the Vico). It seems like almost every freighter or transport (like the Jenolen) was Starfleet.

It might have been interesting to see a few ships that belong to government agencies besides Starfleet, or civilian vessels. It might've illustrated the breadth of the Federation, and more importantly, served as a reminder that Starfleet doesn't do everything!

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But Vor'chas would still not be large enough to cover the wingspan of the Warbirds as those BoP's do in that scene. They'd have to create an even larger Klingon ship to match the sheer size of the Romulan ships.
Well, for that, you'd probably have to go with a Negh'Var, which certainly wasn't built yet.

Seriously, though, I don't think they'd need to necessarily cover the size those super-BoP's did. Just something a bit bigger that could believably threaten a Warbird.

My only concern is that it might diminish the Vor'Cha's introduction in "Reunion".

And again, anything for season 3 (and probably season 4) is clearly too late at this point.

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-Hopefully, we can also finally get rid of that unsightly phaser-from-the-torpedo-tube shot in "Darmok".
That, I could care less about.
Maybe you should try rewatching that episode. That REALLY sticks out!

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Any others you'd like to see replaced?
I would love to see more wrecked ships at Wolf 359, and clearer shots of the decommissioned ships at Qualor II.
Meh, I'm pretty good on those.
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