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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Now here's my real pickle.

(That sounds like something a flasher roving the park should say.)

I understand that you have to stick the gems together, but not so close that they turn into a huge cosmic egg like they did in the 70s.

I even understand why a glove is a good way of... Are the Infinity Gems superglued to that Mit?

Does Thanos own a bedazzler?

(He does! Thanos is into arts and craft.)


For one, it smells like Thanos.

For two, it's too frakking big for the largest human being in the world, if Tony Stark sticks the infinity gauntlet on, that bugger is going to fall right off.

For three, what sort of amazing inferiority complex is his left hands glove feeling?

For Four, did I stutter?

For Five, when the Americans stole all those Nazi rocket scientists, the NAZI scientist stopped stamp swastikas on their rockets, so to the ultimate glory of Thanos why are they still using a Thanos Brand Infinity Gauntlet?

For five, if it isn't the original Glove, gosh... Smells like Thanos? Pip the Troll was God for about 10 minutes becuase of that thing, who can imagine what it cupped, picked and scratched in those ten minutes?! DIGRESSION! I said: IF IT ISN'T THE ORIGINAL GLOVE... Then why did Tony Stark sew a new glove that looks just like the old one?

For Six, If Tony Stark made an infinity gauntlet, just the fabric to stick the gems on, after seeing him bitch out against every one in the first armour wars in the 80s, what insane bugger is going to don that mitten to proove that Stark hasn't booby trapped or poisoned the Glove to make sure that it's not assholeproof? Seriously, as soon as some one says "Victory is Mine!" or "My nefarious plan" or "I am the master of the universe" that frakker explodes taking the villains hand and flinging the gems 80 feet in every direction away from would be God.

So really you can see that there's shit going on behind the scenes that you are not privey to because that's the only reason that Tony Stark would bring that glove to that table when just from moment the united infinity gems would probably create its...


In my head, my head talks to me, I'm recalling an issue of Warlock and the Infinity Watch where they were in so much trouble that they reassembled the gems to work together and Thanos had to donate another glove....

Did Stark at some point stage a panty raid and rummage through the Sanctuary II looking for Thanos' laundry hamper to use all those treasures as his own?

Is Tony stark is wearing stolen mad Titanian boxer briefs!?
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