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The ENT and Melakon

I got my copy of ENT: The Complete Series 7 hours ago .
It's my first complete series in 18 years, after my TOS vhs collection met a thief.

I missed much of ENT starting around mid-season 2, so thought it best to re-start from the beginning. I'm going to try limiting myself to 2 hours a day, but suspect I'll get up to a disk a day. To warm up, I watched some first season special features, including the blooper reel. Then I got down to business.

I do not give numeric or grade ratings, and my comments often do not discuss story.

1:01 - Broken Bow

It was much better than I remembered, with memory likely tainted from later episodes. The CGI ship is still lit too darkly for my taste and doesn't show the detail on the model.

I've only seen John Fleck on Trek and a scant few other appearances, but I like his work. I used to wonder if they'd ever make him a regular cast member. I never liked the Suliban too much (though they did some cute tricks), but Fleck was always good.

I don't dislike the bridge as much. Maybe it's because I got a replica mesh of it around New Year's. Now I can try making images close to their bridge lighting setups.

Damn, Tiny Lister is big! In The Fifth Element he does a complete turnaround as the President of Earth and gets laughs.

Judging from the blooper reel, Jolene Blalock worked hard staying in character.

The young Jonathan framing story works well.
Rejoice, brethren! Soon we shall be walking in a winter wonderland.
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