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Re: Star Wars Saga Mapped

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I was a little surprised myself when I saw how close Kamino and Geonosis were supposed to be to Tatooine, but as far back as 1977 we knew that Luke's homeworld was in the boondocks of the galaxy and far from most of the action.
We know from AOTC that Tatooine and Geonosis have got to be close. Padme says that they are less than a parsec apart. ( Which I find somewhat unlikely for the Outer Rim but not impossible. )

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Kamino is described as being out beyond the Outer Rim and beyond the Rishi Maze.
I wouldn't call it beyond the Rishi Maze; it's more like "between" the Outer Rim and the Rishi Maze.
Whatever happens on earth, that up there, that's the endgame.

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