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Who cares if I know how to turn a screwdriver? That's totally irrelevant to my worth as a person.
I'm trying to figure myself out in context of this thread:

-- I can rebuild a engine, frame a wall, lay a floor, shingle a roof, haul block and lumber, a constant workaholic, go days without shaving, foul mouthed, and don't mind getting dirty and working up a sweat.

-- I'm, a stay at home dad. I also do the cooking, laundry, and most of the sewing for the house, help with the diapers, read to the kids, and have zero issue walking down the feminine hygiene aisle at the grocery store. Hate the smell of beer, but I'm addicted to tea. Hate football and NASCAR but I love anime. And I vote democrat

Am I a man, our do I just not give a fuck about gender stereotypes

Don't worry about what is a "real man" and just worry about being a good human.
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