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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 71; Cleaning up the Mess

Thanks for the win! I will continue to bask in my glory!

O'Brien: You know, it's always the way. A friend needs to move, tells you that they don't have that much stuff, that it's a walk-up, that you'll be done by noon, the latest, and here it is, 8 p.m. and you're lugging their crap up stairs, while they "supervise" from the sidelines. This the absolute last time I agree to help Dax move!

Quark: Well, it took until the 24th century, but they finally put DS9 on Blu-Ray.

The Promonade always looked like this after the Yankees won the Galactic Series. Surprisingly, Odo never quite figured out who caused it, despite Sisko's Yankee's cap that he'd wear for a straight month after the team won.

Keiko: Uh, I can explain that. You see, I meant to type in "YouTube," but I must have typed in "YouPorn" by accident.

Dax: Then why does it show you accessed enough videos to crash the station's server last night?

Keiko: Uh, Miles did it!

Bashir: This isn't quite how I remember the Alamo, based on what I learned in school...
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