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Re: Giving Enterprise another chance

I'm looking forward to the Blu ray of Season One and haven't looked at the episodes for ages. Although I did used to regularly rewatch when I first got ENT on DVD. I just lost a bit of interest in Star Trek overall these past few years. Occasionally catching a TOS or one of the films. So I'll have to see whether my opinion's changed much. I was a huge fan by Season 3 and immensely disappointed over the cancellation. Then the last episode didn't help. I'll have to see if I still like "Broken Bow" as much as I remember and hate that one with the slime creature in the cargo bay, that interupts Archer and Trip from watching water polo.

What were they thinking with that sport for the Captain? Basketball would've worked better and had more mainstream respect. Water polo is just a little too unheard of, and hard for me to relate to. I guess a combination of throwing a ball and drowning at the same time, is really going to take off next century.
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