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Re: Which character has changed the least in the new universe?

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Finally... PIKE: he's sketched out a bit more than Jeff Hunter's version, but on the face of it I think he's pretty accurate to how I imagine Hunter's Pike would have been most of the time. We saw Pike in "The Cage" at a particular point in his life, dealing with insecurities and wondering if he made the right career choice after all. But underneath it all, I think they are basically the same character: a noble and heroic architype, who is given the added benefit in Abrams' Trek of also being a surrogate father figure to Kirk. VERDICT: not too different.
It's been awhile since I last saw "The Cage", but Prime Pike seemed a lot more brooding, moody, and introverted than Alternate Reality Pike. I think the Prime Pike's characterization in "The Cage" won't change much. Another thing, I cannot imagine Prime Pike ever saying "punch it". It just doesn't fit his personality.
Hard to say what Pike was like. In the Cage he had just lost several crewmembers, including his yeoman. That could cause a man to brood and get moody for a bit. The Kirk we see in Season One's earliest episode is probably closer to what Pike was like on the days he didn't lose crewmembers in tragic circumstances that he feels responsible for.
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