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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Just look at how Netflix advertised House of Cards - they targetted sites with audiences they wanted and seemed likely to check it out ( for entertainment industry workers for example) and offered one free episode to non subscribers.

So if you're in a group that Netflix thinks would subscribe to see X show, odds are good you will hear about it. They'd only make this push for their original shows. If Star Trek were one of them, it would be child's play for them to target ads to the Trekkie audience. In fact, the ease of promotion would be a key reason for doing it.

Everything gets pirated, so that's not an argument against doing something, might as well never make another TV show or movie if piracy is going to stop you. And I wouldn't make any assumptions about streaming series getting physical media releases. A big name like Star Trek may be an exception for now, anyway...
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