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Re: Which character has changed the least in the new universe?

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Finally... PIKE: he's sketched out a bit more than Jeff Hunter's version, but on the face of it I think he's pretty accurate to how I imagine Hunter's Pike would have been most of the time. We saw Pike in "The Cage" at a particular point in his life, dealing with insecurities and wondering if he made the right career choice after all. But underneath it all, I think they are basically the same character: a noble and heroic architype, who is given the added benefit in Abrams' Trek of also being a surrogate father figure to Kirk. VERDICT: not too different.
It's been awhile since I last saw "The Cage", but Prime Pike seemed a lot more brooding, moody, and introverted than Alternate Reality Pike. I think the Prime Pike's characterization in "The Cage" won't change much. Another thing, I cannot imagine Prime Pike ever saying "punch it". It just doesn't fit his personality.
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