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Re: Giving Enterprise another chance

I started a new cycle of TNG a little while ago. I found I didn't remember why I loved the series so much until I got to Q Who.

Just watched E2. What the hell, I thought Voyager was over the top with the time traveling. There's such a thing as 'Putting a hat on a hat'. We already have a storyline where 27th century time travelers told 22nd century Xindi that 25th century humans destroyed their planet so they could terraform the galaxy or whatever, and it's already been established that 30th century humans are watching all this and somehow incorruptibly using their godlike time travel people to oversee the history of time and nobody ever abuses this power.

So now we have even more time traveling on top of this, and a concept that's an inferior and obvious hack of Children of Time?

This story could have worked really well if they chose one time travel paradox and stuck with it.
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