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I will openly admit that I am terrible at getting a point across, that is why I posted this particular subject as a question, instead of a statement of fact, I gave just my opinion. I often don't make my better points until after I debate someone, its that thing of having to defend your position rather than simply stating an opinion. When I started I certainly didn't have a great way of putting my opinion, but with defending an opinion comes better arguments that have slipped the memory or just come to attention. I have thought more about my opinion because of such debate, this certainly isn't the first time I've had a conversation about said subject and previous versions have gone a lot better. From those old conversations comes old arguments that are far better put.

It was overly silly to mention things about dirty, fixing, or shaving of body hair. That is why I had that fourth option, which is the prevailing opinion according to the poll. I put in my personal positions on certain aspects of societal change that I found to be weird, I.E. Shaving of chest hair, arms for appearance. However I have a much better reason I find that a certain kind of man is disappearing. Apart of a man's character is supposed to be integrity, honesty, common sense, and most of all a sense of non violence. A "real" man may cry, because though he is emotional he is still strong. "Real" men respect woman and elders, people's personal property, and doesn't consider violence as the first and only answer to problems. Now the reason I say I think this type of man is disappearing is from my own personal experience and experiences of some others. While I grew up in high school and even a little in college I've seen something I don't like from young men from my generation and the generation coming after us. I've observed not the majority but a substantial amount of young man with no respect towards woman, if its not their family they don't care about elders; the way they speak towards them is appalling sometimes, just shameful the rest. I am not going after the average person who throws a cigarette on the ground, though annoying not something I am after. Its the willful destruction of property in any form whether it be actual damage or appearance wise, for just fun and laughs. One of the most disturbing things is the fact that its doesn't take much (just the word bitch) for a person to get into a fight. I don't mind people learning the sport of fighting, I like boxing myself. But in my opinion actual men are like Juan Luc Picard in a way, talk things out first and rational non violent endings. I hope this clears up and better defines some of the things (though not all) I think about what actual men are. I don't talk about woman because I am not one myself. It is not to exclude you as a gender. Woman are conquering the business world - more woman added to congress; woman are very on top today.
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