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Re: Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy on NRA Enemy List

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Stallone? Really?
Surprisingly, the guy can separate reality from entertainment. Lots of action stars are in favor of gun control, strange they didn't make it on the list.
Well, as I mentioned to a friend who was watching the hilarious edits of the latest Hollywood anti-gun commercial (in which each star's lines are intercut with their violent murder scenes), the problem is that many of the mass shooters can't seperate reality from entertainment, the Aurora Joker being a case in point. There are violent, crazy people out there who are obsessed with entertainment, one of the many reasons stars often have bodyguards, sometimes teams of them. And of course many of the stars who favor gun control favor it for everyone but themselves and their team of bodyguards.

"Only really rich and important people like me should be armed or protected by armed security" isn't exactly a revolutionary notion, belonging right up there with wanting maids, manservants, and of course lots of serfs to farm the estate.
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