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Re: Michael bay has "redesigned everything" for Transformers 4

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All I care about is giant robots beating the holy heck out of each other. I'm not going to waste time judging any other content if Bay delivers on that, like he's already done three times. (some of you really need to remove the damn stick...)
That's sort of the point, the previous movie focused more on Shia LeBouf and his "antics" more than it the the transformer characters. Hell, half of the last movie dealt with Shia looking for a job and coping with his too-hot-for-him girlfriend.

The Transformers were barely characters in their own movies.
But the flip-side of that problem is wall-to-wall robots gives a human audience nothing to relate to. The movie might as well be set on Cybertron back in the day.

The Transformers have interacted with human beings since G1. That's the premise. Sentient transforming robots bring their million-year-old civil war to Earth and the people on it. Yes, the star human of the last three movies was particularly annoying, but humans have to be part of the story. I thought the movies struck the right balance...mainly because my main focus was the robot battles.
Exactly. There's nothing wrong with having human characters but over the course of the movie Shia's needs/stories became bigger and bigger with the Transformers' story being almost an after-thought. Hell, aside from Bumblebee and maybe Optimus none of the Autobots or Decepticons are really given any character or personality -aside of the racial stereotype characters.

The Transformers should have had much, much larger roles in these movies than what they got and should have had more distinct and notworthy personalities other than "the black stereotype one(s)" and "the Joe Pesci one."

You needed some form of human characters, sure, but did we need to spend so much of the second movie seeing Sam's mom suffering from a combination of pot brownies and lobotomy? And the third movie on Sam trying to get a job?
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