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^The gender you're insulting is your own!
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What, you mean that one time in another thread when I pointed out that anecdote and evidence aren't the same thing, and you never responded? That wasn't getting on you, that was trying to explain what really is a genuinely counter intuitive and difficult truth. That had nothing to do with you personally -- you see, I wasn't attacking you, I was defending science!
I wasn't pointing to the last time, I said past that includes a long time ago. I should have been more detailed. I understood what you meant the last time; I didn't feel a need to respond, nor did I know you were expecting one. Getting on me doesn't mean attack it can mean correcting as well.
If you see being corrected as the same as someone "getting on" you, you might want to analyze your reactions. You're not going to learn much or be very happy if you take it personally every time someone corrects an error you've made. As for the past, I honestly don't remember ever having a conflict with you before...are you sure it was me? Because that doesn't sound like me. I'll attack an argument, but rarely will I attack a person.

As for the problems with your argument, do you really want to hear them, or are you going to feel like I'm attacking you.

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