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Re: TMP Director's Edition IS NOT Coming To Blu-ray

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It's confirmed: the Director's Edition is NOT coming to BR. Linky

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Pretty much everything originated on digital or stored on digital begins to degrade (like a decaying orbit) unless the data is migrated regularly.
Excuse me?

Digital is digital. 1 or 0. On or off. Unless the storage medium itself fails (i.e. a hard drive crash), digital media cannot, by definition, degrade.
Do your homework and then get back to me, okay? You sound like my stepdad used to, thinking digital was a perfect, fire & forget situation ... and it is not. I'm not picking on you, my stepdad was an engineer for close to four decades and it took forever to demonstrate to him the limitations and flaws.

EDIT ADDON: sorry, should have scrolled down and seen Gep's reply.

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