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Re: Super Bowl Entertainment - Halftime, National Anthem, Commercials,

I thought Beyonce's show was okay. The songs of hers I know, she pretty much didn't perform, although "Bootylicious" and "Crazy In Love' are guilty pleasures. I love the little dance they do in "Crazy" when Beyonce and her dancers turn their butts to the camera and shake their "moneymakers". Beyonce actually does have a great voice, not just good, but great.

I thought Alicia's rendition of the national anthem was a bit off. She is a good singer - actually MUCH better songwriter - but doesn't have Jennifer or Beyonce's pipes. It just wasn't overwhelming. I missed the Sandy Hook choir and caught only the very end of Jennifer Hudson's "America". The girl can holla.

I kind of liked the commercial with the kid going to the prom, and instead of getting the girl, he gets self respect. The rest didn't grab me at all. I give the Go Daddy one props for presenting something eyecatching with very little overkill. But, as someone said earlier, I could have done without the sound effects. It was your quintessential "trainwreck". Props also to Bar Rafaeli for being a good (and well paid, I'm sure) sport.
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