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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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I dunno--from TOS to Star Trek X, I kind of liked the idea of the space battles getting more and more intense with the ships becoming faster and more maneuverable.

With Star Trek XI, its a brand-new game, so I have no problems with the ships already being faster and more maneuverable than they were in TOS. I still think you can have the same kind of dramatic tension with the characters that was in TWOK, though, with ships playing a game of cat-and-mouse until one pounces, and then it's on for both.
Were the ships in XI faster and more maneueverable?
Than the ones in TOS? Yes.
The Enterprise seemed to be really struggling to maneuver around the debris over Vulcan, twisting and dipping pretty slowly. Allowing for the real-life limitations classic Treks had (i.e. working with models on a budget) I don't think there was much difference.
I guess we could pretend that every ship has moved the same way...
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