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Re: Is the Playstation 4 About to be announced??

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out of the console business and focus solely on games, which is what they're best at.
What are universally considered the two best consoles of all-time were both made by Nintendo. The most successful gaming device of all-time was made by Nintendo.

Not sure if serious.
Ummm... The only console to sell more than the original Playstation is the Playstation 2... Third is the Wii. Even though the PS4 is about to be announced, the PS3 will likely be on te market for another 4 years and significantly cut in price... The 360 and PS3 could possibly pass the Wii when it's all said and done.

But ultimately, I agree with you. The SNES has a special place in most gamer's hearts and as long as Iwata is CEO of Nintendo, they will always pursue the hardware business. I just don't know how wise it is though.

Mark my words... 1 or more of the current 3 major console makers will not be in the console business 2 console generations from now. Could be Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft... Or even all three. I hope all three can adapt in this rapidly changing environment, but I fear for the changes ahead.

Like I said, I think they could make a lot more by coming together and establishing a gaming console standard and license te shit out of it to manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba, etc, much the same way the Blu-ray consortium licenses Blu-ray player tech to all te Blu-ray player manufacturers. These consoles would play all games. Just imagine a machine that plays Mario, Uncharted and Gears of War?? It would be great for developers and the licensors and the public.
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