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I was having a discussion where I said that it seemed like the era of real men seems to be coming to an end. I argued that boys these days shave themselves bald, soft hands, don't like to get dirty, don't like hard work, doesn't know how to fix a loose screw and just the manner in which a man treats another man seems to be lost on the newer generations. I was wondering if anyone else thought something close to this or if you believe that real men aren't in danger of becoming the minority.
Apparently real men are so lacking in confidence and self-worth that they need to have vacuous conversations where they discuss what a real man is and how they're a dying breed instead of just doing what makes them and their family content and not worrying about their image.

Apparently real men need to create arbitrary self-serving definitions of masculinity based on their own personal jobs, preferences, and hobbies like auto repair and ditch digging in order to position themselves as better than others.

Apparently real men don't see the hypocrisy in arguing for better treatment of other men while dismissing countless numbers of them as "non-real men" for bizarre reasons like whether they shave their heads or not, work in office jobs, have good hygiene, or what generation they're born in.

Apparently real men have a victim complex absent of any demonstrable cause for feeling victimized, and irrationally fear being a minority or having anything upset their cozy white Christian male dominated society.

If all of that is what it takes to be a "real man," good riddance to them and their anachronistic, arrogant, Alpha Male machismo bullshit. The sooner they pass on and leave the "newer generations" to continue to carve out a less rape-filled, spousal abusing, violence glorifying, racist, sexist, homophobic, warlike, and respectful path the better we'll all be for it.
You make an assumption that I believe I am a man. A man to me isn't just appearance or hobbies. A man takes care of his loved ones whether it be spouse or parents or siblings, does right by job, does right by themselves, respectful towards everyone especially elders and woman. I have no real responsibility, I do help my parents out but by most of my standards including ones not listed. I do not consider myself a man just yet; I have some time to go. Do I think men should be worried about getting dirty, no. Do I think men should care about how they shake hands, yes. I am tired of this slap high five then twisting of the hands crap, whatever they do these days that is considered the new handshake. Do I think men should be able to fix simplest things, yes. Majority of what I believe to be a man has nothing to do with hobbies or personality. I watched my peers in high school, it was a shame. They don't treat woman with respect or elders. They don't take pride in their surroundings, they like trashing other people's property and things for a laugh. Your whole post was a real waste of time, you started out and continued with assumptions.
There is so much wrong with this post I am exhausted just thinking about where to begin.

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