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Re: Idea for New Series

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I think a 25th-Century series could be as different from TNG as it was to TOS. I think every Trek show not only is a reflection of the time it's made in, but also of the mindset of the person creatively driving it. And with Rick Berman no longer in charge, I really can't see a return back to the tone and kind of storytelling of his time unless there was a deliberate effort to do so by the new creator and producers of a future series.
I agree. Though, I'm not sure that a series with a single ship exploring new areas of this galaxy or some other galaxy would be successful in today's network tv or cable market even with a change in tone. To be truly successful, in my mind, would likely require more of a change. Then again, perhaps Trek has been off tv long enough that a series based around a single ship that's well-made and has a different tone than TNG era shows could be a success.
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