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Re: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel might happen without Craig

What about recasting with someone who's, you know, Swedish? Alexander Skarsgård perhaps? Sure, his dad played Martin Vanger in "Dragon Tattoo," but that doesn't preclude him from taking over the role. And being that Blomkvist apparently has yet to meet a woman who won't go to bed with him, Skarsgård would sure fit the bill of the kind of guy who has that kind of "problem."

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last thing: it doesn't take any effort to come here and say i don't like something. im looking at stuff on the board and think 'i didn't like that and i'll say why' and it took like 10 seconds. not nonsensical.

'it was boring and i didn't like it' is as valid an opinion as 'it was engaging and i did like it'
No one said your opinion wasn't valid. All I said was that you obviously must care enough about the entire thing to express that you didn't like it. Most people wouldn't have expended the energy to do so. Sheesh.
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