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Re: Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

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^^^ Goddard Moonbase in 1998, Farside Moonbase in 2004, Marsbase 1 in 2012
Or first moon landing in 1963, Mars by 1968... Man Conquers Space

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
^ Good thing it wasn't...because if that really had happened the Moon would have crashed INTO Earth and destroyed us
All we know is that the waste dumps were on "farside" (incorrectly called "Dark Side" in the opening scene). If just over the limb on the correct side, the Moon might have taken off on a tangent. Dead center on farside and the Moon might have dove inward, grazing Earth. Just over the limb on the other side, well, the Moon might have spiraled in and crashed into Earth. But then the show would have ended right there.
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