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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Status Report on All Vignettes/Episodes in Production:

S01-G "Archway" -- Video Complete. Now being scored by Tony Lunn. Sound effects library assembled for project.

S01-H "Devil in the Details" -- VFX days away from completion. Have shared rough cut with Neal Manning for scoring.

S01-2 "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" -- RH Barr continued to work on VFX. Randy Landers completed "ear work" on all needed shots, now at work on the green curtain for the cavern shot. Editing by Rick Foxx.

S02-A "Duty Bound" -- Edit complete. Now receiving VFX Panel Animations from John Northam and VFX Space Shots from Bill Walker.

S02-B "Darkness" -- Edit complete. Awaiting VFX.

S02-C "Second Contact" -- Rough Cut 1 complete. Kenneth Thomson to provide VFX work.

S02-D "Ashes" -- Edit complete. Awaiting VFX.

S02-E "Beach Towel" -- Edit complete. Awaiting a couple of VFX.

S02-F "The Shovel of Kahless" -- Capturing video. Edit to begin next week.

S02-G "The Lucky One" -- Now being edited by Robert Reed.

S02-H "Command Decision" -- Edit complete. Awaiting VFX.

S02-I "Just Once..." -- Captured video. Editing this week.

S02-J "Red Sky at Night" -- To be filmed in the coming weeks.
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