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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Crabtree was doing the same thing, too - pulling and all. It happens
Exactly. He was pushing off his helmet. Good no call.
But that is not the way infractions are called in the NFL. Just beacues both players are fouling, that does not mean the infractions cancel each other out. NFL receivers push off almost as often as they make catches, yet we almost never see an offensive push off called. But if a corner interferes, that call is made way more often than not.

When a DB makes contact with a wideout more than 5 yards down the field, that call is made a lot -- even when the contact is less than sgnificant (as long as it is intentional).

When I saw the Ravens' corner with his hands on either side of Crabtree while in the end zone with the ball in the air, I thought we'd see a flag.

But I am torn. No one wants to see the refs decide a game of this magnitude, including me. So I can't say that I wanted a flag. Of course, the 9ers are not my team, either. 8^)

But IF a call had been made, it most appropriately should have been against the Ravens' corner who was guilty of two infractions, holding and P.I., on the play.
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