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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Divided Loyalties - This episode was very good. The customised newspaper machine was interesting, as was the story of the telepath and Kosh (I guess its the plot of The Gathering, which I haven't seen). i knew some of it just from dialog during the first season, but it was interesting to learn more. This episode has another evil Psi Corp thing, sleeper agents. does Psi Corp do anything except sit around thinking of new ways to be evil? Also, were Talia and Ivanova sleeping together? It's implied (unless I'm just completely clueless), but not said outright. I had guessed Ivanova's secret, but it was still an interesting reveal. Garibaldi being a jerk during the scans was funny. Sheridan was really acting weird during the scans, to the point were he'd probably make the random people suspicious. He calls in a bunch of people, but then just says one sentence to them, and then dismisses them? There must have been some interesting conversations about Sheridan's mental health the next few days

The reveal that Talia was the sleeper was kind of unexpected, although I have the vague feeling that I had been spoilered about her going evil when I first started watching B5, then forgot about it. Her evil personality is annoying, but I'm hoping to see her get fixed eventually. Also, why are they letting her go? She has info that could screw over people. Its harsh, but since they think they can't fix her (wether they can or not will probably be brought up later), then maybe they should arrange for her to have an accident or dissappear. Either throw her out of an airlock, or (if you really don't want to kill her, even if it would protect people) find somewhere in the large parts of B5 people don't use to lock her up. It would be annoying, but they could probably do it without anyone finding her. Letting her go and not doing anything about her seems stupid. Its not her fault she's a sleeper, but sometimes bad things happen, something which the B5 people already know. Still, I really enjoyed this episode.
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