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Re: Does Canada Produce Good TV Shows?

Yes, of course. Quite a few, in fact. Some are sold internationally. Off the top of my head:

Corner Gas, Being Erica, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Murdoch Mysteries, and yeah, Degrassi: TNG when it was good. And there are many more if you look back throughout the years. I was going to list Due South, however that's a co-production. Although the situation is interesting on that one, as when CBS bailed after the 3rd season I think it was, then production continued, and we got an extra season in Canada, although Fraser's partner Ray was replaced with some other guy. That season in particular has become rare to see, as it's never part of the syndication package and has all but disappeared as a result.

I don't personally count the American programs shot in Canada, as the American companies just shoot them here because it's cheaper, even though a lot of Canadians do work on them. Just the same as I wouldn't call a Canadian program shooting down south an American one.

Heh, if we're taking about the Men with Brooms movie, that one was shot partly where I live. Never ended up catching the TV show.
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