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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Same issue though, they were pandering to the same die-hards.
Why would it be an issue quality-wise that a science-fiction show was aimed at science-fiction fans, rather than the general public?
You seem incredibly confused...

In a Mirror, Darkly was a good episode that I, as a die-hard fan, loved. But when you do episodes like that, you're aiming them directly at people who already watch the show. When every episode and movie is aimed at people who already love the show, you're not growing the brand.

Star Trek fans are going to watch Star Trek, but at the end of the day that's an incredibly small group. It's not enough to keep the franchise afloat on either TV or in the theater. So you have to broaden the concept. Do you think bringing Worf to DS9 or creating Seven of Nine were creative decisions? They were decisions made to try and broaden the popularity of shows that were in decline ratings wise. Much like the Dominion War and the Xindi arc.
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