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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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You just pointed out everything that was wrong with Modern Trek at the end. They were making TV/movies for a few die-hards instead of trying to grow the brand and keep it competitive with the changing market.
Well, that's where we'll always differ. I don't think Star Trek should be aimed at the widest possible audience of the general public. Most people won't like or understand Star Trek without it being vastly changed in to being dumber and less imaginative.

No, I'm fine with it being aimed at a cult audience but being of higher quality, than aiming to please everybody and transforming itself so it doesn't really resemble the thing I liked to begin with.

As I said before, DS9 is my favourite Trek. All the hardcore Abrams fans in this thread seem to hate it, but that makes perfect sense to me as DS9 was a show that did not make an effort to aim itself at a wide audience of non-sci-fi fans. It is the complete antithesis to Abrams' approach to sci-fi (Which he doesn't even view as sci-fi, but action/adventure that just happens to involve spaceships and aliens!).
Unfortunately, the people who throw the money around to make these movies, apparently don't agree with that kind of thinking.

They do so to make more money, not Art.
I must go out in2 space again for the call of adventure cries. With a steady hand & robust crew I'll take her forth with pride. I must go out in2 space again to a vagabond Captains life. Where comets play & galaxies sway like whirlwinds in the night.
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