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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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No, I'm fine with it being aimed at a cult audience but being of higher quality, than aiming to please everybody and transforming itself so it doesn't really resemble the thing I liked to begin with.
I just don't understand how you can claim to know so much about TV/film and yet make a claim like the one above? CBS/Paramount doesn't make Trek out of the goodness of its heart, they're in it to make money.
Indeed, he's confused failure to hold on to the audience the studio was seeking to satisfy with "being aimed at a cult audience." Two different things, but the misunderstanding better facilitates an unjustified self-flattery.

So, do I understand correctly that the proponents of DS9/First Contact type space combat can't follow the action in modern movies, including Abrams's Star Trek, and they're blaming that on the movies themselves? I certainly have no problem and I've seen the same movies, so that's clearly not where the problem lies.
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