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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Who thinks that Modern Trek was a flop?
My Name Is Legion has repeatedly expressed the belief that audiences refuse to accept anybody other than Kirk and Spock and brings up the other show's declining viewing figures. Even though TOS was the quickest live-action Trek show to be cancelled and TNG was a genuine pop culture phenomena.
You seem to be confusing his personal opinion of the best way for Trek to go forward with hard numbers.

I tend to agree with him that a reboot with the characters that are pop-culture icons was the best way to move forward and ticket sales seem to agree. The hard numbers say that Trek viewership was in a downward trend from the end of TNG on as were ticket sales for the movies after First Contact. Based on those facts, which way would you go?

And I hate to out Legion but he co-wrote a couple of TNG episodes. For what it's worth...
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