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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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Science-fiction and fantasy films usually do pretty well at the box office.
Deep Space Nine is not a movie, it is a television show and sci-fi shows generally don't last long. Networks are scared to commission them over other types of programming. The idea that DS9 failed, even though it ran for 7 seasons is absurd. Though it also comes from the man who thinks that modern Trek was a flop because it only ran for 25 seasons. It seems the only criteria for something not being a failure is if JJ Abrams is involved, at which point it becomes genius.

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I guess it all depends on whether or not you want an action sequence to be immersive and immediate or objective and detached. Do you want to be caught up in the terror facing a small survey ship faced with impossible odds or do you want to be impressed by the tactical maneuvers of the attacking ship? I much prefer something that draws me in to the situation and makes me feel like I'm there, in the moment.
I don't have to be spoonfed and can be engaged with something shown from an objective point of view.
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