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Re: Fantastic artist's representations of interstellar spacecraft

Those are very cool. One of the things I've never understood well is Einstein's theory of relativity related to time distillation. As I understand it as you move closer to the speed of light the passage of time for those on the space craft begins to get out of parity with the passage of time here on earth.

So, if that' correct - a space craft traveling very fast reaching even 1/10 the speed of light would mean for us here on earth it would still be years for the craft to reach Mars but for the passengers of the craft a fraction of the time. Is that correct?

A better example probably would be a space craft traveling to Alpha Centari very fast but the passage of time here on earth. Wouldn't it be decades here on earth before the craft reached Alpha Centari but only a matter of a few years for the passengers of the space craft?
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