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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

Part of what made the original "Hookman" unique was that Stoner was played by private investigator, sometimes-actor, and real-life double amputee Jay J. Armes, who actually had hooks for hands in the episode (making things like handling a sniper rifle and driving a car — which also goes in the drink — even more awesome to watch).

Overall the plot was pretty darn faithful to the original, and some of the locations even looked the same; when Stoner kills Keoki in the teaser, I'm pretty sure that's the same cemetery. In the original, McGarrett was one of the arresting HPD officers during the failed bank robbery; having it tie in to Steve's dad was a nice touch.

Edit: just for comparison, here's the trailer and first six minutes of the original "Hookman":

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