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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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I think DS9 had plenty of good storytelling moments intertwined with some of the battles, but that really wasn't my point, nor the one of the original post.

The point of the original post was the dull insipid fish tank of a 'battle scene' in first contact (which is not disimilar to any other battle scene in DS9 or Voyager) would not work in modern high budget movie. No director or producer worth his salt would put footage so maligned from being able to set the tension and danger of the antagonist.

Let's try to re-construct the first few minutes of the Kelvin scene into something TNG/DS9/VOY evangelicalists are acustomed to.

USS Kelvin flies past camera slowly with insipid classical music in the back ground. Hum de dum...

Cut to bland token female navigation officer:

Nav: "Captain, our sensor readings indicate a subspace disturbance just ahead of us"

Robau: "Any idea what it could be officer?"

Nav: "Not certain captain, I can increase the resolution of the sensor array but that would take additional time to process any extra data ... captain, I detect a vessel emerging from the subspace disturbance"

Robau: "On screen"

Viewer on, a Romulan Warbird emerges and fires 2 disruptor bolts.

Robau: "Raise shields!"

Green bolts of energy strike the Kelvin and absorbed by her shields.

Camera shake...

Robau: "Damage report"

Token Ethnic Tactical officer: "Forward shields down to 22.5%, I am attempting to re-route aft shield power to compensate"

Ship rocks and cue spark on various bridge command consoles.

Token Ethnic Tactical officer: "Damage to our forward power coupling"

Robau: "Fire phasers"

A type-4 canon friendly phaser beam pisses out from the Kelvin's saucer section, dramatically aided by stock TNG/VOY/DS9 phaser sound effects.

Token ethnic tactical officer: "Negligble damage sir, shall I calibrate em band frequency to penetrate their shields?"

Ship rocks again.

"Shields down, forward power couplings offline, primary warp coolant conduits offline, captain"

Robau: "Tell them we surrender and are willing to negiotate"
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