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Re: Dukat character - writer's mess?!

JustKate wrote: View Post
What happened is that - as genuinely happens - Dukat was given a choice of good or evil. He choose the Pah Wraiths - they didn't force him - and in choosing them, he knowingly chose the path of evil. I agree that the glowing red eyes were over the top but a lot of the rest of it was very compelling, I thought.
I've always compared Dukat's fate to the fate of that guy in Dante's Inferno who ended up being dragged into Hell and his body inhabited by a demon while he was still alive. It was the penalty for treason, in Dante's depiction of Hell.

That episode (can't remember the name) where he preached to his followers was fantastic - creepy, horrifying and yet rooted in reality. It alone was almost enough to make that arc worthwhile.
"Covenant"--and yes, the acting was superb there. You could tell Marc Alaimo had studied cult leaders very closely before he began on that episode.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
I don't think the problem was the storyline itself so much as Dukat's behavior. He got all 'BWA HA HA I WILL KILL EVERYONE'. If he had said "I am using the Pah'Wraiths to get myself into power" it would have made it come off better.
I think that was how it started with Dukat, though...he thought he could control the Pah-Wraiths to his own ends, but they ended up rewriting his mind. Just as Dukat wanted to make others love him--that's what the Pah-Wraiths did to him in the end: forced him to love them. In effect, he sold his soul and threw away his free will.
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