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Re: Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy on NRA Enemy List

My mom and uncle got me into target practice last year and I went bird hunting with my ex FIL (no shooting for me when hunting due to lack of experience and safety training) and I've really enjoyed it. My mom and uncle are good marksmen and take safety very seriously, even with a BB gun.

I'm moving to a bird hunting hotspot in a few weeks a definitely want to take the requisite training and get into it with some of the guys at work.

Plus, in an age of increasing gun violence, I wouldn't mind having some extra protection at home.

That being said, the NRA is nuts. They are as extreme as PETA or any other group that far out. But any special interest group is out to advance their agenda.

I'm a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. While not involved in such controversial topics, they publish a report every year that says our infrastructure is about 20 minutes away from falling apart. You can't tell me they aren't out to get zillions to fix bridges and leaky aqueducts.
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