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Re: Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy on NRA Enemy List

I wouldn't count myself as either a friend or an enemy of the NRA, although I do not own a gun and will never, ever own one. But I think publishing lists like this accomplishes absolutely nothing and will only drive more people away who might otherwise be at least halfway supportive.

I do think the Second Amendment needs to be looked at. Things have changed quite a bit in the world since it was originally written, after all. The Founders themselves were open to changing the Constitution, that's why they provided for it to be amended in the first place. I do not think we should get rid of all firearms, but there's no logical reason at all for assault weapons to be out there in the numbers that they are. The Second Amendment is badly in need of an overhaul to bring it more in line with the reality of life in the 21st Century and it has been for some time. Given the current political climate at the national and state levels, though, I don't see that happening anytime soon.
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