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Re: What's with all the Union Jacks in the trailer?

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And by itemizing the list of mistakes it means you noticed them... it's fun to notice them. But it's bad for movies. Now every time you see those movies you'll notice these mistakes, that's bad for movies... I'm just saying.
You can find these types of mistakes in all of the Trek Films - from First Contact:

Not only is New Zeland's flag wrong - it's missing from the planet.
In the scene where Picard opens a viewing port and shows Lilly that she is in a starship orbiting Earth he shows her New Guinea and Australia. New Zealand is missing.

In the scene where Picard, Worf and Hawk are outside the ship and want to separate the transmitter dish from the hull, Picard must move a kind of tube out of an console and must turn it from a low to a high position. In one shot the tube is in the high position, in the next shot it is in the low position and then Picard pulls it out and turns it in the high position.
When Picard and Lilly go to the holodeck, the door says "Holodeck". When the Borg enter, it says "Holosuite".
When Worf's spacesuit is cut, a close-up shows it venting from a cut just above the knee. But a wide-shot shows the cut is just below the knee.
In the scene after Zefram's ship goes to warp, when the ship is being turned around to return home, Cochran remarks "Is that the Earth? It's so... small" He wouldn't have been able to see it, provided the distance the ship just flew. Warp 1 is the speed of light and in a 1 minute flight, the Phoenix would have travelled over 10 million miles - at that distance the earth would just appear like a bright star.
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