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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

I'm a Pats fan, so my concerns mainly revolve around them.

They need a speedy deep threat at receiver, a pass rush, and a corner who can shut down the other team's top WR and hopefully lay some hard hits now and again.

They finally realized that it's ok to use 1st and 2nd round picks the last couple years, so hopefully they won't revert to trading down their high picks for a used practice jersey and a turkey sandwich. There are some good free agents out there too.

The real tough call is resigning Welker. He's a first down machine that catches 115 balls every year. I watch every week, he's sure handed, his drops are overhyped as they tend to come in big games. Along with Gronk, just differently, he's Brady's biggest weapon. But he's in his 30s and takes a beating. The franchise number is a bloated 11+M number, and they are I'm sure hesitant to sign him up for long term guaranteed numbers when he could be derailed by injury over time.
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