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Re: What's with all the Union Jacks in the trailer?

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but it is lazy. Lazy is bad for movies.
Meh. Alfred Hitchcock is well known as one of the most particular film makers ever and even he was prone to some glaring mistakes. In the film Psycho:

When Marion is driving her car through the night, she keeps looking at her speedometer. You can clearly see that the gear shift lever is in "park" as she is driving.

When Janet Leigh is shown lying dead on the floor of the shower, there is a close-up of her open eye. The pupil is contracted to a pinpoint (obviously due to the bright lighting) where it should have been dilated. After the film was released, Hitchcock heard from several ophthalmologists who pointed this out and suggested he use belladonna eyedrops in the eyes of "dead" people in future films, as the chemical prevents the pupils from contracting.
When Marion and Norman are talking after he has brought in some sandwiches, Marion tears the same piece of bread 3 times on different occasions.
And by itemizing the list of mistakes it means you noticed them... it's fun to notice them. But it's bad for movies. Now every time you see those movies you'll notice these mistakes, that's bad for movies... I'm just saying.

And what an optometrist notices or a British flag expert notices are going to be different and specific... but hanging a flag right? That's child's play.
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