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Re: What's with all the Union Jacks in the trailer?

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Here's a novel thought...why not wait to judge the movie based on the movie itself rather than the trailer?

Not that trailers ever contained material that didn't appear in exactly the same way in the final product...
I totally agree... sometimes scenes are reversed, flipped, even played backwards for trailers... but I looked at a screen shot... and it's just wrong. It doesn't really matter, it has no real bearing on anything important or worthwhile (although a British citizen might see it differently)... but it is lazy. Lazy is bad for movies.

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It's impossible to get everything right, but a flag isn't easy to fuck up unless you're just not giving a shit.
Oh good lord. At first glance it appears symmetrical as someone said but after you read about it - it's not. It's not as if to the casual American viewer or even someone who's a skilled American director that such a thing would be obvious whereas I'm assuming even to the most inexperienced British director hanging the American flag upside down would be an obvious and stupid mistake unless they were trying to make a political point.

I'm doubting that Abrams thought having special production people on staff to make sure the Union Jack was flying in a few frames right was worth the cost and no one in pre and post production caught the mistake.

If anyone deserves blame here it's set design not Abrams.

Oh and BTW, why didn't Benedict Cumberbatch who is a British actor catch the problem when they were filming it?


Mickey Smith from Dr. Who is another famous British actor who was cast in some of the scenes where the flag is flying.

They must not be patriots?
It's not about patriotism. It's not about blame, it's just dumb... really, really, dumb.
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